Build your own Victorian terrarium with botanist, Will

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Hosted by Will

Hi, I’m Will. I've been fascinated with terrariums for years and love meeting people and teaching how to make beautiful arrangements.

The experience

Terrariums were invented in London and are intrinsically tied to its Victorian era. At one point, almost every well-to-do Victorian had a terrarium in their living room.

You’ll learn everything about them on this experience. We’ll start off with the fascinating history of terrariums, including how they played an integral part in the British tea trade. You’ll understand how they helped regenerate London’s gardens and the magic behind its perfect ecosystem.

You’ll then get your hands dirty and start creating your own little ecosystem in your jar - you’ll be able to choose from a range of plants including Fittonia, Ivy/Fern and Moss. What you create will be yours to take home, or give to a good friend.

Terrariums can be a bit addictive, so I’ll leave you with a care guide at the end of the experience - it will contain everything you need to know to be even more creative!

See you soon.


fiber_manual_record All equipment for your terrarium

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We had a great time with Will. Making our own terrarium was a lot of fun and now we have a couple of additions to the house that look great and are made by us! Booked this while in London and no regrets - doing it again.

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