Uncover London's Black History with an activist

location_city London

timelapse 2 - 3 hour duration

language delivered in English

Hosted by Tony

I’m part of a collective of artists, authors, and filmmakers who collaborate to produce walks, talks and films on the 2,000 years of Black British history. I’ve been featured on BBC, CNN, USA Today, Channel 4, and Teachers TV. In 2018 Conde Nast Traveller magazine listed me in the Best 15 walks in London.

The experience

This experience was listed in Conde Nast Traveller, as one of the best walks in London 2018.

Walk with me through hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life.

I’ll show you secret buildings and alleyways, with hidden connections to Africa and the Caribbean in ways which the owners do not want you to know.

You’ll hear about Black British Civil Rights, Black Loyalists, and African Revolutionaries. We’ll uncover and understand the historic links between racism, slavery, trade, religion, and politics - which are still evident in the streets and buildings of London.

We'll end our experience at the British Museum, where we'll see beautiful African objects, which many consider to be stolen.

We'll start our walk at Russell Square, near the British Museum. From there, we'll be visiting the most influential sights in British Black History. This experience finishes at the British Museum.


fiber_manual_record Entry into all venues

What to bring

fiber_manual_record Comfortable shoes

fiber_manual_record An umbrella (if it's raining)

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Absolutely brilliant walk yesterday - thanks so much.

Bill star star star star star

When I talk about my trip, I talk about the Black history tour before I lead into other sights that I have seen. Thanks for the history and knowledge that was gained!

Gail star star star star star



£30 star star star star star 2 reviews